June 21st, 2021

Each year, United Ways across the country participate in a national day of service called Day of Action. It’s the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and let your actions speak louder than words. It’s the perfect way to show, by example, what it means to LIVE UNITED.

About Day of Action

Day of Action is an annual day of service sponsored by United Way of 1000 Lakes. Drawing more than 100 volunteers of all skills sets together each year, Day of Action is the largest of United Way’s volunteer initiatives.

Since its inception in 2013, Day of Action has mobilized 975 volunteers who have served a total of 5,624 hours. The impact value from 2013-2020 is $136,536.

Our Day of Action program focuses on building healthy communities by connecting residents to home improvement services and resources for living independently and mobilizing our force of caring volunteers. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ways – by helping out with a maintenance project, nominating a project recipient, or advocating on social media.

Projects Might Include:

General Clean-up: disposing of items such as garbage, mattresses, vehicles, old appliances, and electronics
Exterior Care: window washing, painting, installing ramps and grab bars
Minor Repairs: steps, doors, windows, roof, deck
Yard Maintenance: leaf-raking, landscaping, gardening, pruning

Do you have any idea for a Day of Action project in your community? Get in touch with United Way to share your idea(s) and learn more about proposing a Day of Action or another volunteer project.

June 21st, 2021

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Bovey, MN

Day of Action 2021 will take place in downtown Bovey. In collaboration with Day of Action partners Itasca County Habitat for Humanity, Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA), and the City of Bovey, volunteers will come together on June 21st to complete downtown revitalization projects with small businesses, homeowners, and public buildings and spaces.

Read the announcement: “United Way Selects Day of Action Site”

How you can get involved

Volunteer: Sign up as an individual or as a group to help out on a half-day or full-day project. Register

Submit a Project Request: If your Bovey home or business could benefit from a Day of Action revitalization project, let us know by filling out a project request form. We’ll be in touch to plan your project! Submit

Donate blood. We’re hosting a blood drive on June 17th, the Thursday before Day of Action, with Memorial Blood Centers! Make an appointment to donate online. Sign up

Collect Health & Hygiene Items: In conjunction with Day of Action, United Way coordinates a community-wide Personal Care Drive throughout May and June, to help children and adults meet their basic needs. Care items will be distributed throughout the community to help disconnected youth, veterans, and the homeless. Learn more

Host a pop-up packing project. Holding a personal care packaging project is a great way to get involved! Collect donations, and then gather your coworkers, team, or friends to spend time assembling care packages together! Get started

Sponsor Day of Action

United Way Day of Action is held annually nationwide and promotes volunteerism. The day-long effort mobilizes community members to take action in the communities in which they live. Projects range from gardening and painting to donating blood and creating care packages.

The event draws 100+ community members annually. Over the years a collective 5,624 hours have been served, equating to more than $136,536 in volunteer contributions since 2013.



Recognition as a Platinum Sponsor
Promoted as a Platinum sponsor in all publicity materials, including radio and television
Radio interview
Prominent inclusion of company logo on event materials, signage, and t-shirt
Name mention at event
Recognition on United Way of 1000 Lakes’ website with your logo and a link to your website



Recognition as Gold Sponsor
Promoted as a Gold sponsor in all publicity materials, including radio and television
Prominent inclusion of company logo on event materials, signage, and t-shirt
Name mention at event
Recognition on United Way of 1000 Lakes’ website

If you’re interested in sponsoring Day of Action or another event, email kimberly@uwlakes.org or call United Way at 218-999-7570.


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