4 Opportunities to Volunteer in May

United Way of 1000 Lakes is committed to bolstering volunteerism in the Itasca area. One way the organization does this is by hosting Bonfire, an online volunteer portal where community members can find opportunities to give back with causes that are important to them. Volunteers can sign up to volunteer, track their service hours, and get in touch with local nonprofits. 

Below is a sampling of the many opportunities hosted on Bonfire:

  1. Mentor New Homeowners
    Family Support Volunteers act as mentors to families pursuing homeownership through Habitat for Humanity. These volunteers make a long-term commitment, providing guidance on finances and tracking sweat equity hours throughout the home-building process and checking in on families throughout their first year of homeownership. Sign up now to start building meaningful relationships with families in Itasca-area communities. Get involved
  2. Become a PlayStation Ambassador
    5-2-1-0 PlayStations are located in various Itasca-area community parks. The PlayStation program aims to make getting active outdoors accessible for families by providing a range of free-to-use outdoor recreation equipment. Ambassadors make sure that PlayStations are ready for play by monitoring the stations throughout the spring, summer, and fall, cleaning and tracking equipment inventory. This is a great opportunity for a family or all-ages group to take on! Sign up
  3. Garden with Get Fit
    Get Fit Itasca is looking for volunteers to get involved at youth and community gardens throughout the region! Your role as a volunteer might include anything from building garden beds and planting trees to teaching classes about gardening or cooking with produce. Helping out in a garden is a great way to give back while getting outdoors this summer! Get started
  4. Lean In to Leadership
    Do you care about the future of Itasca-area communities? Are you ready to make a commitment to positive change in our region? You might be a good fit for United Way’s    Board of Directors! Board members provide strategic oversight and guidance on United Way’s impact and operations, making a three-year commitment to their role. Learn more

Sign up for these roles and more on Bonfire, the Itasca area’s online volunteer portal, at volunteer.uwlakes.org. Bonfire is free to use and serves to facilitate connections between the Itasca area’s volunteer base and local nonprofit and community organizations. 

Community and nonprofit organizations serving the greater Itasca area can post volunteer opportunities and manage volunteers on Bonfire. To get started, visit volunteer.uwlakes.org/nonprofit or call United Way at 218-999-7570.