5 Virtual Campaign Tools

Many workplace campaigns are going virtual this year, posing additional challenges to campaign coordinators who are looking for ways to engage their coworkers and drum up excitement. There’s no reason to fear, though – there are numerous tools available to campaign coordinators, and with a little creativity, you can make your campaign interesting and exciting to remote and in-person workers alike.

  1. Your company’s e-pledge site allows you to create a customized campaign dashboard, complete with a progress meter, interactive features, and more. Use the platform to stay in touch with campaign participants, keep track of upcoming events, and connect to impact stories and videos.
  2. Spent is an online poverty simulation game that allows users to see the barriers and challenges that low – income families and individuals often face. This simulation allows supporters to see the needs that United Way’s work is addressing and develop a personal connection to the impact they’re making. If you’d rather do an in-person poverty simulation, contact United Way to receive materials and instructions.
  3. Bonfire, a platform connecting the area’s volunteer force, allows users to find opportunities to volunteer virtually and in – person. Use the platform to engage your team in making a difference by signing up for a group volunteer project, and work together to better your community.
  4. Quizbreaker gives workplaces a chance to learn more about each other and compete remotely. Quizzes can be set up in advance, making for a low-effort way to pack fun into your campaign.
  5. Watch2Gether and ShareTV allow groups of people to enjoy movies, videos, and television shows together. Use these platforms to host a virtual film showing for donors, play games based on a television show, or host a team music video contest! These virtual spaces are a great way for coworkers who miss seeing each other every day to spend some time together.

Visit United Way’s online Campaign Headquarters for more tools and resources, including e-communications scripts, creative Zoom backgrounds, and shareable impact stories.