St. Patrick’s Day: Spreading the Luck

Many of us are preparing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in northern Minnesota on March 17. My Scandinavian/Germanic roots implore me to wear green and eat corned beef and cabbage, despite not being Irish at all but rather because it’s something fun and different and a way to be excited about our never-ending winter.

In previous years, United Way of 1000 Lakes has partnered with The Pickled Loon Saloon for a Shamrock’n Brunch which featured amazing food, live music, prizes, raffles, and lots of people!  In our new COVID-19 world, this type of get-together is remembered fondly and looked forward to with anticipation. Maybe next year we can enjoy a similar event! 

Even without a big celebration, we can still embrace the “Luck of the Irish” by considering how lucky we are. We live in beautiful northern Minnesota with so many outdoor activities, have a warm house to sleep in on those chilly nights, have food in our kitchens to prepare a meal for our families, and have friends and family to support us in our journey. Many of us enjoy good health, have had the opportunity to attend school and make friends and learn, and feel safe and secure in our lives.

Guest blogger Angie Tanner celebrating at United Way’s 2019 Shamrock’n Brunch.

Unfortunately, not everyone in our community has had the same luck and could use a helping hand. At United Way, we partner with more than 20 nonprofit programs in the Itasca area to better our community in three focus areas: building education success, improving health and well-being, and achieving financial stability. By focusing on these impact pathways, United Way aims to transform the lives of those in our community. Your financial support, donation of time or resources, and your word-of-mouth sharing of our work greatly benefit our Itasca community. If you’d like to bring a little luck to someone this year, find out how you can give or volunteer to make a meaningful difference.