Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Launches BenefitsMN

Providing comprehensive benefits is one strategy that nonprofits use to encourage employee retention, but the costs associated with healthcare coverage make it difficult for organizations to provide competitive benefits packages. The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits sought to address this issue, and, after a long process of surveying nonprofit organizations, analyzing study data, and consulting various experts, the recently launched BenefitsMN, a healthcare coverage program designed to be financially viable for nonprofits. BenefitsMN provides four plan options in five different networks, live-in partner coverage, and health incentive programs. Nonprofits that use BenefitsMN for healthcare coverage will have access to benefits administration and online enrollment, allowing organizations to reduce the administrative costs of benefits administration.

To be provide health insurance through BenefitsMN, an organization must have at least two benefits-eligible employees and must have been a member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for at least 30 days prior to enrolling. To learn more and request a quote, visit https://www.minnesotanonprofits.org/membership/association-health-plan.