Leave a Legacy with United Way

United Way of 1000 Lakes is dedicated to strengthening Itasca communities by uniting action around social change and improving lives. United Way partners with donors, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and area businesses to address our community’s challenges in the areas of education, health, and financial stability.

Since its birth in 1963, United Way has mobilized the generosity of donors who have invested a collective $11.5 million to ensure families have the support and services they need to reach their full potential by meeting basic needs, empowering youth to succeed, preventing crime and violence, and promoting health and independence.

United Way’s strategic partnerships provide a unique opportunity for donors in that a single contribution supports more than 30 local programs and initiatives, providing resources for families, youth, and seniors – people from all walks of life, facing all types of situations. United Way operates with the goal of helping every individual succeed and every family get ahead, so our whole community thrives.

Beyond the funds raised by generous donors in our annual campaign, the United Way of 1000 Lakes Endowment exists to honor a rich history of service in our community and is pivotal in securing that future generations inherit a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant place to call home.

Created in 2015, the endowment works in tandem with the campaign to build capacity in meeting both current and future needs and provides long-term financial security.  The endowment helps stabilize funding in challenging economic times when human service needs are heightened. It also adds capacity for emergency response programs.

With a goal to grow the endowment, United Way is constantly working to ensure we are positioned to respond to the priority needs of our community – now, ten years from now, and beyond. This foresight will lead United Way to a new level of efficiency by allowing creating a continuation of giving and focusing on the next generation.

“Whether you have been a donor for 10, 20, 30 years or more, your commitment to the health and human services network in greater Itasca is inspirational,” said Peter Birkey, United Way past president. “While none of us can know precisely what types of future needs will emerge, we assure you that your gift will be in good hands and used to make Itasca communities a better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Contributions to the United Way of 1000 Lakes Endowment are the most effective way to invest in the community that you love. Long-term in scope, the endowment affords donors the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and extend their support of United Way beyond their lifetime.

Making a planned gift to United Way is simple, rewarding, and incredibly impactful. Your gift will support United Way far into the future and help improve lives and community conditions for generations to come. To take the first step and learn more, contact Executive Director Kim Brink Smith by email or make a gift online.