Five Strategies for Campaign Success

We appreciate the role that Employee Campaign Coordinators play in leading positive change in our community. We want your job to be enjoyable and as easy as possible, so here are five tips for making your campaign smooth and successful.

  1. Energize. Recruit a strong team to help lead and plan your Workplace Campaign. Reflect on past successes and difficulties, and brainstorm new ideas and strategies to make your campaign more exciting—maybe you’ll have a friendly competition between departments, or you tape a manager to the wall if you reach your goal—the possibilities are endless!
  2. Inspire. Connect employees to our work by sharing our story and goals for a thriving community. Use stories to illustrate the changes that are possible, or set up a poverty simulation to make it easier to imagine what life is like for the 13% of people in our community who live in poverty.
  3. Engage. Provide your peers ways to get involved in our work and join our mission. Invite your peers to a Dining United or other United Way event, or set up a pop-up volunteer project in the break room at your workplace. Pop-up volunteering consists of small projects, like packing a pencil box for students or writing kindness cards, that can be completed quickly yet are still meaningful.
  4. Ask. Request a specific financial commitment and keep donors posted on campaign progress. Asking can be intimidating, but remember—the worst thing anyone can say is no! Asking for a specific number actually makes it easier on donors—if you inform donors of your goal and how they can help meet it, they won’t have to think too hard about it.
  5. Thank. Celebrate your success and those that donated! Thank donors personally, and make sure each donor knows that they are activating positive change.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to United Way! We’re always happy to provide materials and templates, help plan campaign events, and provide training to new and veteran campaign coordinators. To get in touch, email or call us at 218-999-7570.