E-Pledging Makes Giving Easy

Did you know that companies running workplace campaigns have the option of using an e-pledge site to collect donations? In our increasingly digital world, using an e-pledge site makes giving easy, especially for workplaces with multiple locations or remote employees. Here are a few reasons to use virtual giving in your campaign:

  • It’s easy! On our campaign platform, Flipcause, we can assist you with setting up your e-pledge campaign and automating registrations.
  • It’s customizable! Your company’s campaign landing page can be customized to include a message from your leadership team, your logo, and more!
  • It’s all electronic! Everything, from setup to giving, occurs virtually. You can reach employees at different locations and you don’t have to keep track of pledge forms!
  • It’s safe and secure! Flipcause makes giving easy by providing a range of different giving options and protecting users’ confidentiality.
  • It’s a green way to give! Using e-pledging helps you successfully promote sustainability through online giving. By eliminating the use of paper pledge forms, you also help to save money – allowing more dollars to go back into the community.

Would you like to use e-pledging for your campaign? Check out a sample site to see what’s possible, then email info@uwlakes or call 218-999-7570 to discuss customization options and schedule a tutorial.