United Way Selects Day of Action Site

Day of Action 2021 partners Jamie Mjolsness (Habitat for Humanity) and Sarah Carling (CEDA) prepare for Day of Action in Bovey.

United Way of 1000 Lakes is excited to announce that the city of Bovey has been selected as this year’s Day of Action project site. 

Day of Action, now in its ninth year, brings together volunteers from all over the Itasca area to complete revitalization, outreach, and minor maintenance projects in area neighborhoods. This year sees the return to a traditional one-day event, after last year’s projects were spread out over several days to adhere to health and safety guidelines. 

United Way will again partner with Itasca County Habitat for Humanity and Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA), as well as the City of Bovey. Habitat will work with local homeowners to complete minor repair, maintenance, and landscaping projects through its Home Preservation program, while CEDA will work with small business owners and city leadership to plan the refurbishment of storefronts and public spaces. With the support of the city council, Day of Action projects will complement plans for the city’s development, including the extension of the Bovey City Park. 

“I am extremely excited that Bovey was selected as the Day of Action Community this year,” says Sarah Carling, Community and Business Development Specialist (CEDA).  “There are so many great projects just getting started in town and the Day of Action will help kick off this positive project momentum…This project is the ignition switch for additional plans that will continue to support future revitalization opportunities.”

The annual volunteer event aims to engage volunteers of all ages and skill levels in working together to make a direct impact on the communities where they live, work, and play. The program also helps homeowners take care of their homes and live independently by connecting them with community resources.

Day of Action will take place on Monday, June 21st, in downtown Bovey. Volunteer groups and individuals alike are welcome to take part. Volunteers can sign up to take part on Bonfire, the Itasca area’s online volunteer platform powered by United Way, at volunteer.uwlakes.org. Anyone with questions or seeking to submit a project request is invited to contact United Way at 218-999-7570.

About United Way Day of Action
Day of Action is an annual day of service sponsored by United Way of 1000 Lakes. The largest of United Way’s volunteer initiatives, Day of Action annually draws together over 100 volunteers of various ages and skill levels to complete outreach and revitalization projects in Itasca-area communities.

About Itasca County Habitat for Humanity’s Home Preservation Program
Habitat for Humanity’s Home Preservation program works with homeowners who need assistance with interior and exterior repairs to help maintain their homes. Painting, landscaping, and minor maintenance and/or repair projects are completed by volunteers led by Habitat staff. Each project is unique to the homeowner’s situation and may include low to zero-interest loans and sweat equity hours contributed by the owner.

About CEDA
Community and Economic Development Associates (CEDA) has been working with the rural communities of Itasca County since 2019 through a partnership between IEDC and Itasca County. CEDA’s work is focused on identifying and executing development projects, providing tools and resources, and driving visitors and community involvement.