Board Spotlight: Jeff Niemala

A lifelong Itasca County resident, Jeff lives in LaPrairie with his wife, Linda, and their son Asher, daughter Avery, and cat Lily. Jeff owns his own mediation agency, Niemala Mediation, and is also a law student. Jeff and his family enjoy the many recreational opportunities the Itasca area has to offer.

What inspired you to be involved with United Way?

I don’t join many things, but furthering the mission of United Way seemed like a good way to spend my time and get involved in the community.

What is one word you would use to sum up United Way’s work?


What impresses you most about the Itasca Area?

The diverse opportunities. From the arts to the outdoors, we have everything: camping, mountain bike trails, fishing, fine dining, and places like the Reif Center. These things make the Itasca area a great place to live.

What is one thing about United Way that you think most people don’t know?

The amount of organization it takes to make any level of impact and make community events and programs happen.

What advice would you give to a potential donor who is considering investing in United Way?

If you’re looking to make a difference locally, United Way is a wise place to invest – your donation will go far in making an impact.

What are you most excited for as you embark on your first term on the Board?

I’m excited to listen to the perspectives of other board members and to share mine with them. We all come from different places and have different worldviews, and having people of different mindsets working together is where the magic happens.