Board Spotlight: Hannah Madden

Hannah grew up in Grand Rapids and is a career counselor at the Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training (JET). She has a Bachelor of Science in Family Resources. Hannah is married and has a daughter and a new baby boy, which keeps them busy. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors – especially trail riding on their side-by-side and enjoying activities on the lake.

What inspired you to be involved with United Way?
I wanted to get involved in an organization where I could have an impact and create community connections. I’ve always known about the United Way but only considered getting involved once a friend encouraged me to join the board. I enjoy participating in the local events the United Way hosts, such as the Shamrock’n Brunch and The Itascamazing Race, which are my favorite.

What is the most rewarding thing you have taken from this experience?
It’s been gratifying to build relationships and learn what resources are available in the area. It gives us a chance to share those resources and help develop additional resources for those who may need them. I’m always interested in learning ways to help my clients. Small communities often have limited resources, so it’s important to know what’s available.

What is one word you would use to sum up United Way’s work?

What impresses you most about the Itasca Area?
I love living in an area with so many outdoor activities and opportunities. Plus, it is a great place to raise a family, full of people who care about the community.

What is one thing about United Way that most people don’t know?
Their unwavering dedication to impact the local community. It’s vital that people are secure in life. They need things like transportation, food, jobs, and housing. The United Way does a great job of looking at the big picture and creating programs that can help people thrive.

What advice would you give to a potential donor considering investing in United Way?
United Way reaches the Itasca community directly and includes new and innovative ways to help others. I realized how wide the United Way’s involvement reached when I joined the board. With the United Way, you know your donation is helping locally.