5 Ways to Play Your Part

Our hope for the Itasca area is that someday each person will have a safe home, access to food and other basic needs, good health, and a bright future. We’re trying to make this community a better place for everyone—but we can’t do it alone. How will you play your part?

  1. Volunteer. Giving your time is a valuable way to help your community. There are volunteer opportunities of every variety available – if you only have ten minutes to spare, complete a pop-up project. If you can make a long-term commitment, join a panel or committee, or work with one of our partner agencies. Volunteering is a great way to learn a new skill, make new friends, and develop a new perspective.


  1. Be kind. Celebrate Minnesota Acts of Kindness Week in November—or, even better, make kindness an everyday habit! Small acts of kindness can go a long way in making our community a friendlier, more welcoming place.


  1. Donate. Your gift to United Way gets re-invested into the community through our partner agencies’ programs and other initiatives. Whether you’re able to give one dollar or one hundred dollars, your generosity goes on to change lives right here at home.


  1. Advocate. Advocates lead change on a large scale by supporting laws and policies that help people and fighting against those that increase the challenges that some of our neighbors face. If there’s an issue you care about, learn more about how to advocate for positive change. You can start small by contacting local representatives, or go big and organize an advocacy campaign.


  1. Celebrate. Join us at our Campaign Celebration & Best Of Awards, Shamrock’n Brunch, or another event to celebrate the generous community we live, work, and play in. Taking part in events provides an opportunity to network, acknowledge the hard work of volunteers and donors, and have fun! Additionally, funds raised at events are re-invested into the community, allowing us to expand our reach and impact even more lives.