5 Things You Can Do to Help (Right Now)

During these challenging times, everyone has a role to play.

For some, it’s working to help care for children, protecting our most vulnerable, or even providing an essential service to one of our neighbors. For others, it’s volunteering time where appropriate to help ensure individuals and families have their basic needs met.

We’ve rounded up five great ways you can show your local support while keeping yourself and others safe.

  1. Volunteer to support those who are economically or physically impacted by this pandemic.  Volunteer work might include packing food for families who have lost income due to business closures or delivering groceries and supplies to at-risk individuals.
  2. Support local businesses that might be struggling.  Order takeout or delivery from a locally-owned restaurant, or purchase a gift card to your favorite store, museum, or restaurant.  Give yourself something to look forward to when the world opens up again!
  3. Reach out.  Social isolation, while good for the physical health of our community, can have negative effects on mental health.  Call a friend to chat, organize a virtual hangout, or call seniors and other individuals who are isolated in nursing homes and hospitals.
  4. Donate to the local Community Response Fund. Services that address the health, education, and basic needs of our communities are in greater need than ever, but social distancing has lead to lost income due to cancelled fundraisers and scaling back donor contact.  If you can, give – every bit helps.
  5. Lastly, play your part by respecting guidelines set forth for slowing the spread of infection. Wash your hands frequently, clean surfaces like your phone often, and limit trips beyond your home. Keep in mind that you could be a carrier even if you don’t show symptoms, so it’s important to take social isolation seriously.

United Way is working to support individuals and organizations in our community who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For immediate assistance, dial 211 or visit firstcall211.net. To learn more about United Way’s coronavirus response, visit our COVID-19 resources page.