United Way Launches 5-Day Kindness Challenge

Minnesota United Acts of Kindness Week returns November 15th – 19th, and this year, United Way of 1000 Lakes is inviting community members to help spread kindness throughout the Itasca Area.

The five-day celebration of kindness is an initiative of United Ways of Minnesota, the statewide coalition of Minnesota-based United Way organizations. Launched in 2018, the initiative encourages individuals all over the state to treat each other with kindness and generosity, leading to stronger, more welcoming communities. 

Individuals and groups can participate by joining the 5-Day Kindness Challenge, completing one kind act each day to help United Way of 1000 Lakes reach its goal of mobilizing 1,000 acts of kindness over the week. Acts of kindness can be as small as calling a friend, leaving a note on someone’s windshield, or complimenting a coworker, with the recognition that even a small act can go a long way in improving someone’s day. Participants are encouraged to share their progress on social media with #MNActsOfKindnessChallenge and inspire others to join the challenge, creating a chain reaction that will build throughout the region.

“Acts of Kindness Week is an opportunity to encourage residents to come together and give back in a meaningful way — benefiting both the recipient and the giver,” says United Way Executive Director Kimberly Brink Smith. “Every day, we all witness the importance of genuine human kindness — tiny and enormous acts that all play a role in our area’s resilience.”

Companies and community groups are also encouraged to get involved – by hosting internal volunteer events or supply drives, showing appreciation to each other, and committing to the 5-Day Kindness Challenge. 

Anyone interested in joining the 5-Day Kindness Challenge can learn more and sign up at uwlakes.org/kindness-week, where participants can find ideas and more. Workplaces and community groups looking for guidance on how to celebrate kindness can contact United Way at 218-999-7570 or info@uwlakes.org.