3 Ways Bonfire Helps Nonprofits Build Capacity

Bonfire, the Itasca area’s online volunteer portal, makes it easy for nonprofits and volunteers in the area to connect with each other. The administration of Bonfire is one facet of United Way’s strategy to build volunteerism in the region. Here are three ways that using Bonfire to recruit and manage volunteers make it easier for community organizations to work with volunteers:

1. Bonfire helps you to streamline volunteer management. Once you’ve created a profile and posted opportunities, you’ll get a notification each time a volunteer wants to connect. You can even have volunteers self-schedule their volunteer shifts, saving time on volunteer outreach. Nonprofits are able to email volunteers directly through Bonfire – so you can send updates to enrolled volunteers anytime you need. Additionally, Bonfire sends automated emails to remind volunteers of shifts they’ve signed up for, taking one more thing off your plate!

2. Bonfire’s robust reporting capabilities allow organizations to generate volunteer engagement reports whenever you need them. Anytime you’re preparing a grant application or annual report, up-to-date data on volunteer hours and engagement are available at the click of a button.

These volunteer reports don’t just benefit volunteer coordinators – they also help individual volunteers track their own service hours. Whether a volunteer is managing multiple commitments, racking up hours for class credit or college applications, or aiming for a personal goal, each volunteer’s personal dashboard provides up-to-date data on community engagement.

3. Having a presence on Bonfire gives your organization the chance to reach a wider audience. Volunteer opportunities posted on Bonfire are featured in United Way’s quarterly volunteer email newsletter, on social media pages, and in volunteer news distributed through local media – giving you the chance to reach not only your organization’s existing audience, but the ever-expanding pool of Itasca-area volunteers using the portal.

Are you ready to ignite volunteer action? Bonfire is free to nonprofit and community organizations that engage volunteers in and around the Itasca area. To get started, create an organizational profile or get in touch with United Way at 218-999-7570 or kimberly@uwlakes.org to set up a brief onboarding session.